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1690. NICOLAS CHEVALIER. By Jean Mancel (Jan Mansel)


Obv. Bust three quarters right with “Alonge” wig. Legend: NICOLAS . CHEVALLIER . ÆTATIS . XXIX . . I . M . F .
Rev. Traces of engraved lettering that begins with “ Sonnet “            
A. Durand. Médailles des numismates, page 35 Pl. IV;
lit. A.O. van Kerkwijk. Munt-en penningverzamelaars hier ten lande tot 1890. JMP XV (1928) page 15-17; G. van der Meer. Beeldenaar 2004. nr.6; page 242-248; bronze cast.

This is a bronze cast after a ivory portrait medallion made by Jean Mancel. Jean Mancel was a ivory cutter from Dieppe a town in the North of France. Left France for reason of his religious persuasion, after which he settled himself in Amsterdam as of 1681. Later on, around 1700,  he moved to Maastricht. Returned to France at a later age. There he created portrait medallions of mainly Hugenots. This medal represents Nicolas Chevalier from Sedan, France who settled himself in Amsterdam in 1681. He made medals, was a writer, publisher, printer, art collector and dealer. Here he is depicted with a socalled “ Alonge “ wig especially created for King Louis XIII (1610-1643) because he lost his hair at an early age. This type of wig was used untill 1720 and afterwards only worn by lawyers and doctors. After 1740 only worn by judges.


A. Durand. M├ędailles des numismates, blz. 35 Pl.IV


Very fine


verkocht / sold