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Munthandel Verschoor has been active for over more then 31 years, starting in July 1984 and is led by the twin brothers Dim and Henk Verschoor.

A milestone for our company was the purchase of the “Hoard of Brouwershaven” back in 2000. In this hoard of gold coins, published by us in 2001 in the 26th edition of “ De Kroniek van het Land van de Zeemeermin” a publication of the Historical Society “Stad en Lande van Schouwen-Duiveland”, were amongst others a Spanish quadruple excellente of Fernando and Isabel (1474-1504) struck in Burgos and a Portuguese coin a so called português of Emanuel I. (1495-1521).

In the first twelve years of our existence we specialized in high grade foreign coins before we decided to concentrate more on coins of our own country with the focus on historical medals, in which the Dutch had a great tradition. Besides dealing in provincial coinage, dealing in historical medals was given broad attention and developed into an important part of our business. We now have build a reputation in dealing in 16th, 17th and 18th century gold medals. The most important ones were advertised on the cover of “De Beeldenaar” the bimonthly magazine of the Royal Dutch Numismatic Society and the Society for Medal Art. We also advertise in “The Medal “ magazine of BAMS ( British Art Medal Society) and in the magazine issued by the ANS ( American Numismatic Society)

We also have an important library to support the numismatic knowledge and for answering any questions our clientele asks and sometimes to help out other dealers whenever they need information regarding Dutch numismatics. We attend foreign coin shows and auctions and are familiar faces at the shows in London, New York, Basle and Zürich etc. Our business is by appointment only and we work with want lists and have a very active clientele who visits our office on a regular basis.

Another milestone was being elected as a member of the IAPN ( International Association of Professional Numismatists) in June 2003 regarded by us as a acknowledgement of our international contacts and appreciation of our Dutch and foreign IAPN colleagues who strive for the same goals as laid down in her rules.